Mother Anarchy Lookbook

Myra by gigasims

hairstyle / blazer / top / skirt (pattern) / boots / fedora / tights / choker / necklace / earrings / left hand braceletright hand bracelet / nail polish


hairstyle / jacket / tank top / shorts / boots / tights / choker / necklace / earrings / nail polish

*_* Lookit how pretty they both areeee! I loves it.

Finished with the requests for the icons! ^.^ now onto the animations which takes a little bit more of time > . < I hope you guys like your icons! It’s greatly appreciated if you could credit me when using them (: Hopefully it’s not too bland/dull and plain T_T Thank you so much for requesting! I really hope you like it ;A; I hope it’s what you are expecting > . < <33 

Thank you for requesting : itsoceansecret,mothacupcake,pixelated-plumbobs,awesomesims,aquamarinus,bakasim,emixxsims,gigasims,madia sims.

Had a great time creating them! ^.^
Will re-open these requests the next weekend, stay tuned <3

Yayyyyy! It’s so pretty!! Thank youuuu. *huggles*

Takes pictures of Dixie and Dorian doing romantic things. Dixie flirts with someone else immediately after.

Fuggin’ Dixie.

Dorian introduced Dixie to his grandparents over dinner for the first time ever, and they surviveeedddd. :3

Anonymous asked:
So can I ask you something about sliders? I have some sliders but for instance Dixie's lips are awesome and even with sliders I can't get my sims lips (especially the upper lip) shaped like that. And I've seen sims with really wide hips, like REALLY wide and my hip slider is only like half that width. I've heard someone say they changed their sliders to x5, what's that? Does it increase the sliders range or do I just need more sliders? Sorry to ask you all this but I thought you might know :)

I’ll fix the tags for dis when I get homes (why they don’t let you do that on your phoneeeeeee???)

I use Master Controller to increase slider limit and set the range to x4. There is a link to the “interactions” that tells you where to find it, but I believe the path is NRaas>MC>Advanced>CAS>Slider Limit? D: I can’t think of it off the top of my head. I’m on autopilot when using those mods now. Lmfaooo.

Got myself hyped for Halloween and now I’m sad. ;~;

Anonymous asked:
i was gone for a while & check your blog. ^^ lordes is dorian & dixie kid!!?

Lol yes, but she doesn’t actually exist yet. She isn’t born until late 2015/early 2016. I just got impatient and wanted to take pics of herrrr. XD Thank you for looking at my thingies and stuffs and welcome baccckkkk!


Sasha and beautiful Myra

;_______; I love dis so muchhhh!