It me. Except I lost my glasses. ;~;

Okay, I seriously dones forever now. I’m cutting mahself off. Scout’s honor.

I went nuts with itttt.

In order from left to right: Grace, Myra, Lourdes, DixiexDorian

I wish there were more eye color options. ;~;

For the anon that asked how tall each of them are — Dixie is supposed to be roughly 5’2 to 5’3 and Dorian is around 6’ evennnnssss. :3


That’s it
That’s their relationship

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Well yea it’s still pretty ! But how do you pronounce it ? ”Lourdes” (the word) is pronounced like lard but except of ”a” it’s ”oo” :P.

I personally prefer lord-ess.

But I’ve also seen lur-dess, lur-days, loor-days, and even just lords. Lololol.

Anonymous asked:
This is not a question but I just thought I'd let you know that Lourdes in french means ''heavy women'' :D

Lmfaoooo. I’ve been haaadddddd. XP

It okays. She goes by Des or Desi anyways, so she can hides it. Poor girl.

Anonymous asked:
Please wcif lace stockings in this post? /post/93851856194/myra-has-dimples-now I've checked wcif page and ccblog but I couldn't find them, so I am really sorry if it has already been asked but in that case I probably skipped the post! Love your blog <3


  • Here and thank you. :3

I’ve been taking collabs with whoever asked over the past few weeks and I’m flattered that anyone even asked at all, but I unfortunately had to cut it off a few days ago. I’m overwhelmed and a bit burnt out from doing them and would like to focus on story stuffs again once I knock these last ones out.

So thank yaaaasss for the messages, but I won’t be taking any new requests. Sorryyyyssss. ;~;

I’ve been working on Rosalind’s body for 9000 years. She supposed to be tall and curvy (although I made her too tall, as the last post shows omfggg) and she’s still a little too thin for how I imagined her, but she’s getting theresssss. ;~;

This made me laugh. I think I made Rosalind too fuggin’ tall. She’s a behemothhhhhh.