Anonymous asked:
wcif Dixie's hair From your post of Dixie and Rae ^^


Anonymous asked:
Dorian you didn´t show up to our date last night. Not funny.

He thinks it’s hilarious.

Work has been kicking my butt the last couple of days, so I apologize for all the late responses to comments and asks. If it requires even minimal brain power to answer, then I saved it for laterssss. D: I’ll try to get to them all tonight. Byeeeee~

He flirts with everyone. You gots a wife at home, bruh. WHAT U DOIN?

Anonymous asked:
Love all What you create <3 you are an inspiration for me :3 Just wanna ask you, if you don't mind. How do you made your sims eyes looks perfect , i mean the sliders & etc ... Thank you :)

They’re… perfect? 0.o Eyes are dah hardest part for meeeee! I have no idea how I make them, honestly. I just move everything around until it doesn’t look dumb. XD I use the sliders on this list.

And tank ya kindly. I hugs youuu.


Jack’s band has been nominated for a Grammy.

;___________________________________________; They’re so cute togetherrrrr.

Anonymous asked:
Wcif the poses you used in Graces latest Shoots?

Take a look here, please. That lists most, if not all, of the poses I have in-game right now. :3

Anonymous asked:
/post/92323327654/create-sisters-that-like-to-cosplay-together their sisters?

Lol. Yes. Grace is Audrey’s adopted sister. :3

  1. Lol. It cooooollll. I missed her too. ;_; Thanks for dah message. *hugs tightly*
  2. I just tag them as “wcif” and set up a link on my sidebar so everyone can see all dah thingies that have been asked for. :3


Hair | Dress | Heels


Hair | Dress | Platforms | Stockings (can’t find, but they’re by OS)