• Here. And thank you. ;~;

Anonymous asked:
Lourdes is seriously my favourite, she is gorgeous <3 and her + unnamed guy (wait is he still unnamed?) are cuteeee....

She is? ;;~;; Thank youuuussssss.

His name is Em. :3 I’m glad you likes dem togetherrrrr. Makes mah heart all warm and fuzzy.

She’s taller than him when she wears heels. :3

Anonymous asked:
Unnamed dood guys hipster-ness is ok by me ;)

*whispers* Me too.


Stop telling people to kill themselves.


Stop telling people to kill themselves.



People to kill.



Little red nosed gremlin. :3


Always interested in something new, commitment is a foreign concept to April. Her worst habit is trying something new with the intention of mastering it, just to drop it for the next new thing a few weeks down the road. With 10 potential matches in the house, can April give any of them a shot long enough to figure out who her match is?

Created by gigasims

:D Good luck wit dat, Aprilllll!

Dixie and Dorian broke up and Annette is still out of town visiting her family, so dah boys are chilling together trying to cheer each other up. ;~;

I was trying to take a good pic of Wookiee, but ended up blinding him insteadssss. ;-;

I got the day off from work, so I nappingggg and then getting Dixie’s apartment set up for her Halloween bash… a month early. Shh. Quiet you. Dun burst mah bubble.

Anonymous asked:
Hi can you tell me where to put the time speed mod? For sims 4 I have no clue .

It says in the directions for the mod (I believe), but you place it in your Mods folder with all the rest of your CC. :3

Also, make sure you enable script mods in the game options/other tab.

Edit: Looking through the comments, it seems some people aren’t able to get it to work. D: Maybe placing it in your TS4 folder (as Julie suggested) will help?

little-wingxo replied to your photoset “It needs to be Halloween now, kay? ;~;”

;-; i tryna think of all dah cute fings to dress viv and frankie in for halloweenie

I already has Dorian’s, Audrey’s, and Grace’s costumes planned. No idea for anyone elseeeeee. ;~; I can’t wait to see how you dresses dems tho!